What is Ejari?

In 2010, the Dubai Government made it mandatory that all tenancy contracts have to be added to Ejari system. The system is there to keep track of the real estate market in Dubai. It also offers an innovative process for people who want link their properties to ejari system according to RERA regulations. This will ensure protection of people’s legal rights as well as a transparent environment for all stakeholders involved in this industry.

Ejari offers a hassle free way for people who’ve rented or own property by providing an innovative electronic transfer process where individuals can easily add their properties on the website while ensuring adequate protection through personal data safeguards such as passwords set up time intervals before forgotten logins etcetera.

Ejari  is needed in Dubai for: 

  • New/renewal of residence visas
  • DEWA/Media/Internet Connection
  • Commercial license
  • Employing domestic staff
  • Applying for a liquor license

The Ejari Regulation Amendment of October 2015 says that tenants and landlords have to do cancellation of previoues ejari after it expired before submitting new application.

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